Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lunchbox Adventures: Update 1

To start this post, I just have to say how excited and invigorated I am right now with the possibilities that are all around me! I had a meeting about my book last night with a woman who was a Consumer Relations Manager at Barnes & Noble. It also doesn't hurt to mention that I currently work with her (its so good to have an "in").

We spent a few hours digging through the Children's section of a local Barnes & Noble, revisiting my inner-child past, and I began to actually see my name among the others! We pulled out books like The Giving Tree and Where the Wild Things Are--which by the way, they recently made a movie about that will be out this year (get excited!). I realized more and more how great Lunchbox Adventures is going to be.

It's still insane to me that I am writing in this blog about such a thing. I never in a million years could have seen myself writing a book, let alone a children's book. I've always had a unique imagination and have been super creative, but I only used that talent toward music. Now that I've had this idea and decided to run with it, its all I have been thinking about since then! I've talked to a lot of people who think that this is going to be amazing, so thank you to all of you who have been supportive of this.

Just a little bit of a background as to what I am up to at this point. Lunchbox Adventures is going to be directed to 7-12 year olds. Of course, younger readers could probably pick up a copy and follow along quite well. It will be a series of books, each one with a new adventure and packaging concept. I am going to have the book published on eco-friendly/recycled paper (because being green is awesome!). I am in the book proposal phase of the book, which is the step before getting hooked up with a literary agent, and then eventually a publisher. Click here if you'd like to see how the proposal breaks down. The meeting I had last night consisted of putting those pieces together. The woman I am working with is going to be contacting 2 literary agents from the area, and a local publisher who she has worked with in the past. Did I mention that she also helped Paula Dean get her first book in the Savannah Barnes & Noble? Super cool! So far, this has been the latest.

I will be posting another blog once the final copy of the book proposal is finished. A lot might change in the storyline until then, so I want to make it as current as possible. You can get a feel for it in my earlier post if you'd like. I can't wait to see this book on the shelves! Please comment if you'd like. Any words of wisdom/encouragement are welcome!

God is love,

Rev Run---haha, just kidding (you have to watch the show to get that)

PS. I own the rights to Lunchbox Adventures, so don't even get any ideas!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

A New Start...

Well, maybe not so new...but new enough. After much encouragement from friends, I've decided to add yet another technologically-enhanced form of social marketing to the list of things I really don't need to be investing all my time into. Although its fun, I've realized how consumed people can get from these "networking monsters", myself included. I am hoping this starts to develop creative flow rather than addiction. So, here goes...
If you haven't noticed the title of my blog site yet, its called "Lunchbox Adventures". It actually has several meanings to it. The first being a nickname that I developed while in my last musical project, Amber's Diary. Yes, I know...that same nickname is used for the character Silent Bob from the infamous Jay & Silent Bob comic duo. But I just simply got the name from my band mates for being chubby, and for my fixation for tasty treats. It got to the point where merchandise was going to be made because of it. So needless to say, I still use the name today and am reminded of my thicker days. (side note: since losing weight, nicknames such as SnackPack have surfaced..being that they are in smaller portions!) Do you see the torment I endured from months and months on the road with these people? It was all worth it, believe me. And I'm going to be writing a lot about my time in Amber's Diary, and in music in general. Its a passion of mine, and I have yet to share it cryptically with the masses yet. This is going to be my first shot at doing that.

I mentioned there being another meaning behind "Lunchbox Adventures". Within recent months, I had been thinking about several different things to do with my time. Without having a full-time band to pursue, and most of my friends being back in Pennsylvania, I wanted to try my hand at something new. So, what did I do? I convinced myself that I should start working on my very first children's book. And yep, you guessed it, its going to be called "Lunchbox Adventures". The plot is still in the works, but here is what I have for the concept so far: A young boy, around 8 years old, struggles to fit in with today's society...not being accepted by his peers because he is different. His mother passed away while he was still an infant, leaving his father to take care of him and his younger sister. The father has no clue how to raise two children on his own, which makes it even harder for the boy to survive in this cruel world. To cope with his adversity, the boy reverts to a beat-up, old lunch box that he found in the family's attic. Inside is nothing but a bunch of knick-nacks and random things that aren't normally in a lunch box. But rather than seeing those things, the boy sees more than that when he opens it up. He dives into all sorts of different adventures, taking on the world in almost a super hero kind of way. He uses fantasy and imagination to overcome his reality. I'm still working on the storyline, but I'm liking the concept so far.

I've been itching to start writing again, and on a bigger level this time, and I'm hoping that these blogs will be a way to get the ideas flowing, and get some feedback from people willing to comment. Besides, I wanted to share my thoughts and views with anyone who wants to listen as well and have a way for people to get a glimpse of what my life has been like up until now. I was inspired by a good friend of mine to start a blog. His name is Jacob Marshall. He's probably one of the nicest, most intelligent and talented people I know. He actually is one of the founding members of the band Mae. If you have never heard about them, I'll be posting a link at the bottom, along with Jacob's blog for you to listen and view.

Here's to one of many blogs I intend on writing. I'm hoping that they can be inspiring, insightful and even humorous at times. Looking forward to sharing a bit of my world with you. <~~Jacob's blog (very insightful too)